Jack Long Liquid Art Photography | About

Jack Long, Liquid Art Photography. My goal is to create intriguing visual art using liquids as my subject. Because it is fluid, and happens so quickly, photography is the only method of seeing them. The photography portion is only the final stage in the creation of these images of fluids suspended in mid-air for a very brief period of time. The whole action takes just a fraction of a second. I work to create and capture the three dimensional fluid form at it’s most interesting shape and position. The form is captured with high speed flash photography that has a duration of as brief as 1/10,000th of a second. Even with complicated construction and extensive testing, the results are still often surprising and serendipitous.

While there is a lot of technical aspects to the work, my goal is to always strive to create visually intriguing photography. As an experienced photographer, the quality of light and form are extremely important in bringing out the characteristics and shapes of the fluids.

Unlike much splash based photography being made lately, the images I create are single capture events. I do not use photoshop composition or digital imaging to create these images. The techniques I use are self discovered and proprietary.

Recent years have brought a vast amount of visibility to my work. I have been published and extensively "blogged." Beginning in early 2012 with the Jumping Java series being published in major on line news photo pages. My Double Plumes were next, followed by the huge event following publishing of my Vessels and Blooms series in May of 2012. Many bloggers have been kind enough to request permission to publish, sadly, some have not.
Featured in: This ColossalPeta Pixel, mymodernmet, fstoppers, thisismarvelous, hyper allergic, ufunk and many more

Select finished works available through the Gallery of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI. https://www.galleryofwisconsinart.com